Current Programs

We have different program for people from all backgrounds. We’d love to have you. Come on the journey with us.

English/Literacy/Personality Development Programs:

Lessons are student-centered and designed to help new Immigrants/Seniors get to a basic level of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Designed for students who may have little or no education, to help them achieve their individual goals.

Computer and Technology Programs:

Enrolled students receive from 2-3 hours a week of computer literacy instructions at our fully equipped computer facility. These workshops will introduce you to computer basics essential for today’s times., such as Operating computers, using Word, Excel, Internet and Social Media (including Smartphones). Seniors, New Immigrants and Hindi/Urdu speakers are encouraged to join.

Beginner Computer Training Classes for Seniors 55+ and New Immigrants

Things you will Learn: Basics of using a computer and its components • Getting comfortable with settings & buttons• Recognizing computer threats & scams • Computer Games• Emails & Internet • Microsoft Word & Excel.

Social Media Training Classes for Seniors 55+ and New Immigrants

Things you will Learn: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp • Working with and sharing photos • Creating photo albums • Become thoroughly familiar with all settings & buttons

Seniors Drop-in Sessions:

Core Objective of this program is engagement & inclusion of seniors in the community. Seniors are often isolated and have great difficulty adjusting to a new culture/country. This program/sessions provide a unique opportunity for them to mingle with their peers, have casual conversations to improve their communication skills, gain confidence, getting aware of things around us including going to the stores, taking public transportation, seeing a doctor etc. Registered seniors will be permitted to use our facilities i.e., Laptops, Internet, Watch TV/Cable and enjoy Refreshments served during recess hours.

Program offers seminars/informational sessions in Health Care, Safety/Security, referrals to programs/services – Free Banking, Free filing of tax returns and many others.