How to get the most value for all your family values.

Throughout life, your insurance coverage needs a shift. What you need to keep your family secure at 30 is simply different than what you need at 60. That’s why it pays to understand how different forms of insurance can help your family thrive financially. Care Life has a range of options to help ensure your money goes the distance through life’s transitions—whatever the future has in store.

The best gift you can give.

Life insurance can give your family the gift of financial security. And there’s no better present than that.

Life insurance that remains active until the policy matures, unless the owner fails to pay the premium when due.  The policy cannot be cancelled by the insurer for any reason except fraudulent application, and any such cancellation must occur within a period of time (usually two years) defined by law. 

Term life insurance is the least expensive—and most popular—form of life insurance. Whether you receive it through your job or buy a policy on your own, it offers your family basic financial protection should something happen to you. It’s less expensive because it only covers you for a set “term,” a pre-specified number of years. When it expires, or you leave your job and decide to stop paying for it, you’re no longer covered and there’s no cash value attached.


A promising financial future.

Life is full of uncertain events, which can be scary and overwhelming. Contact one of our professionals to learn how to structure your finances in a way that provides security for you and your loved ones. We have financial solutions for anyone, living any type of lifestyle. Here are a few situations, that you may or may not have thought about, that we can provide simple solutions for: 

A special needs trust can create a financial safety net for a loved one, without risking the loss of federal and state aid.

Whatever your student loan status, there are ways to lessen the impact of college debt on your long-term financial goals.

Whole and Universal Life policies can provide money to pay for college, with lower interest rates than a bank loan.*

Estate planning can clarify your wishes and decisions about health care, financial, and property arrangements.

Taking care of your parents, siblings, or kids on your own? See how insurance can help out.

Insurance coverage can protect you, your employees, and your community from financial distress.

Jump-starting your financial strategy can feel a bit daunting. Give us a call to make the process smoother.