Previous Programs

PEACE has provided several programs serving Seniors from different communities:

Computer Literacy Skills: A few goals are to enable Seniors operate the Computer including using applications such as Word, Excel and the Internet. A strong emphasis is around the use of Internet, its advantages and also risks associated with improper use. The idea is to enable Seniors browse the Internet for news (awareness of what is going around), pursue hobbies, learn newer skills, do online shopping, enable them to express themselves through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) and communicate with friends and families through the use of Skype, WhatsApp etc.

Food Bank drive for Seniors in GTA in collaboration with other organizations.

Informational Sessions: We have been conducting various informational seminars targeting Seniors mostly during recess hours of the Computer Sessions. Speakers are invited from specialized areas to share their experience and knowledge. Some sessions which we have had in the past include:

  1. Traffic Safety
  2. Health Awareness (including CPR & AED Trainings)
  • Personality Development

Rights & Responsibilities as a new Immigrant
Resources available in the Community for different needs.
Prevention of Elder Abuse

  • Use of Internet, Online Scams

PEACE has organized Picnics to connect Seniors & Youth with group activities to bridge the interaction gap and let families come together which otherwise they wouldn’t have in such a setting.

Syrian Refugee Support Program: New Syrian Refugees/families ran into difficulties with the welfare authorities, as their documentations were not properly completed. While, their information is being rectified, these families were not receiving proper financial aid for their daily living expenses. To reduce their hardships, PEACE stepped up with a Grocery program wherein more than 60 families were helped to cover their grocery needs. The chronic delays in processing payments for child benefits has been a hardship for all these families who were living on the edge. With your support, we now have many thankful families who are now slowly getting integrated with our society and some of them are giving it back to the community.